[Dancerman] sent us a couple pdfs covering the Navy’s research study on railguns which may show up on new platforms like the DD(X): very first is NRAC’s Electromagnetic gun innovation Assessment, second is slides from the annual gun & Ammo symposium which covers the issues encountered when scaling a system up for ship use.

I was quite exhausted of railguns by the time somebody sent in the obligatory Powelabs link. So, I checked out about Sam’s Subaru 2.5RS engine switch as well as viewed the sandboarding videos instead.

[george] understands that these a quite common, however his laptop photo frame looks quite good. He added WiFi as well as Bluetooth adapters to the empty battery bay to ensure that he might have remote gain access to as well as manage the frame with his phone.

[Douglas J. Hickok] utilized a solar powered lawn light to illuminate his Jack-O-Lantern. It ends up appearing like a hat.

[tio.chorizo] doesn’t want to pay for the Nano lanyard headphones so he customized his stock ones. He made a big loop as well as then utilized warm shrink tubing to hold it in place. right here is a Coral Cache of his photos.

[seth fogie] directed us to airscanner’s page of iTunes DOS/Spoofing attacks with flash demos.

If your Folding@Home system is chugging away as well as your searching for one more job you might try setting up some diskless clients. [Grendup]

With a bit butchering you can make your own in vehicle DVD player. [العين]

A totally useless 2.5cc gas-engined turntable

This Engadget publish has links to industrial garments that has integrated controls as well as power. now somebody just needs to do it for cheap.

awesome tools featured a blackbox for your car. It plugs into your OBD-II port as well as records the signals coming from your ECU. If you are in an mishap it will have the info from best before the impact.

Cinematical highlighted the documentary job Grizzly. It’s the story of Troy Hurtubise who developed a bear proof fit as well as is now declaring he can see with walls/cure cancer.

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